ADD A 11-99 RESCUE STRAP TO YOUR IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)

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ADD A 11-99 RESCUE STRAP TO YOUR IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)


By now most law enforcement and military personnel carry an Individual First Aid Kit (I.F.A.K.). Most tactical medicine (TACMED) courses will recommend having an IFAK with you. The capabilities of an IFAK stabilizing an injured officer or citizen can be critical for their survival. IFAK’s include the following base items:

  • Bleeding control (Tourniquet, combat gauze, Israeli Bandage, and Hemostatic Agents)
  • Airway (Nasal Airway NPA)
  • Chest Seals (Halo)
  • Decompression needle (Depending on the level of expertise and training)
  • Pouch or Bag all the contents are placed in

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A small to medium size pouch can usually fit all the above-listed items. We at Lion Defense want to make a recommendation and addition to the basic items located in an IFAK. Adding our 11-99 Rescue Strap could save lives. We believe adding an evac option to your IFAK could add value to any medical situation. Most importantly, prior mental planning along with TACMED training is paramount when it comes to using medical equipment. If you are deploying an IFAK or any medical kit in a tactical situation there is a likely hood lethal threats are present.

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Remember your zones! If the area where the injured or down subject is located is still HOT, address the threat if possible or provide force protection for the subject to move to a WARM zone where hemorrhage care can be provided or rapid extraction. If you want to know more about the appropriate care under the T.H.R.E.A.T. acronym click here.




If you are unable to move the injured subject due to gear issues or location of the injured subject (hallway, debris, etc.) having the 11-99 Rescue Strap can assist you. The 11-99 Rescue Strap could be deployed in multiple different ways and ultimately comes down to what is the most tactically sound option for the situation. We will go over the most basic ways on how to move an injured subject, these techniques are usually the fastest. Lion Defense offers an 11-99 Rescue Cobra Buckle to assist with the fastest way to evacuate an injured person be creating an attachment point (Ideally for tactical teams, police officers, or other first responders).

Single person techniques:

Girth Hitch – Wrapping the strap in front of behind the subject’s chest area. If the pull handle runs along the back of the injured subject it allows for an easier pull and head stabilization.

Girth Hitch (Belt or Plate Carrier) – If the subject has a stable shoulder strap on a plate carrier or a sturdy duty belt.

Heavy Duty Bolt Snap on 11-99 Rescue Strap: Attach to a factory pull handle equipped on most tactical vests or d-rings located on tactical belts.

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The 11-99 Rescue Strap could provide additional length and multiple rescuers to assist with the evacuation of an injured subject v.s. pulling from the tactical vest.


Perform a quick assessment from head to toe attempting to locate what kind of injuries the person has sustained. Control bleeding, maintain an airway, and start to coordinate a higher level of care. If that means moving the subject to a green zone or higher level of care, then do it. If paramedics or emergency medics are far out, consider other transportation options.

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No situation will ever be perfect but adding an 11-99 Rescue Strap to your IFAK could assist with more successful medical rescues. The 11-99 Rescue Strap is constructed of strong yet lightweight material and is 5ft long. It is equipped with a heavy duty bolt snap that can attach to any D-Ring or factory pull handles located on tactical vests. Additionally, a Girth Hitch can also be used for civilians without kit. Be sure to train with any equipment you have and practice frequently.

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